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Great summary of the sort of demonization of the other side in any war and the lead-in to the Ukraine War. I can only add a little insight as to how Putin got his job. After the massive US intervention in the Yeltsin's election that you describe, Yeltsin was invited to the US for a tour. I was invited to join a lunch with Yeltsin along with about ten others in a penthouse overlooking Central Park in NYC the morning after he arrived. As the lunch wore on and he got more drunk, the host finally popped the $64K question: "If you had your way, what country would you like Russia to become like?" Everyone waited for him to answer "America" of course, but he quickly said "East Germany" and people almost fell off their chairs. He greatly admired the industrial culture and discipline of East Germany. Later came the time for Yeltsin to choose his successor, and who would be better than the KGBs guy in East Germany, one Vladimir Putin.

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Thanks so much; I'm glad you liked the piece. Thanks for the fascinating story too!

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