Well written.

I think it’s much simpler.

Follow the money.

I don’t care which side of the isle they’re on, the enrichment that comes from war for those in D.C. is hard to resist. War is a cash cow. They turned off the Afghanistan teat, now they need a new one. Plain and simple. Have you totaled all the money thrown at this? Billion here billion there - who’s counting? The big question, where is it all going? You never see that revealed. Might be a fun research.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Andrew Van Wagner

Nice piece and quite true And unfortunately it is not even discussed in DC or essentially any mass media.

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Sep 24, 2022Liked by Andrew Van Wagner

Again, I will try to say it plainly. This is a pro-russian talking point. You may not like that, but that's what it is. Unless the russians agree to withdraw from Ukraine, they would be the ones to benefit most from any pause in the conflict right now as that would allow them to reorganize for another attack.

The quotes you cited from Chomsky are quite literally appeasement. "This guy might do bad things, so we should give him what he wants." And citing an article from March? Come on. We've had almost 7 months of brutality since then. We didn't know about Bucha when that article was published.

I also don't buy into the famine argument. All of the places cited in that article are places that were suffering already because of local conflict. Is their situation worse because of the conflict in Ukraine? Likely so, but it was already really bad, so it's not ALL Ukraine's fault for trying to defend itself.

And why is this point not used to say russia should pull out and end the war? Why is it used as an argument for ukraine giving in?

I've also sent you this article before:


and the UN Food Price Index is almost where it was back in January. https://www.fao.org/worldfoodsituation/foodpricesindex/en/

Also, this may be the best written article you have done so far. I disagree with your positions, your arguments and your conclusion, but structurally this is definitely your best work to date.

Lastly, don't ask if maybe I don't understand your position because I haven't read your other stuff. I have.

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